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Are You AU Ready?

If you’re a business owner, the spam emails from domain name providers are probably coming in thick and fast right now. That’s because ‘.au’ domains have just landed!

So, what’s the big deal with au?

Registrants of eligible .au domain names (such as and have until 20 September 2022 to indicate whether you to intend to apply for the exact  match of your names in .au direct via the Priority Allocation process. If you choose not to apply for the exact match of a name it will become generally available. You can check your Priority Status here.

To give you an example, our domain is, so we are eligible to apply for

If we don’t register our .au domain before 20 September 2022 (we have, btw), then is released into the marketplace for anyone to register.

Should you register you .au domain?

Yes! Because if you don’t, after September 22, a competitor can snap it up and use it!

Are you ready to register your .au domain? Get in touch and we can take care of it for you!