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Google Favours First Party Data

Google has announced that they are moving away from the use of third-party-cookies. Up til now, this has been their ‘secret sauce’ for leading the market in audience targeting. What are Third-Party-Cookies? These are the files websites use to remember preferences and track online activity. It’s why you’ll start seeing ads in your news feed […]

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Are You AU Ready?

If you’re a business owner, the spam emails from domain name providers are probably coming in thick and fast right now. That’s because ‘.au’ domains have just landed! So, what’s the big deal with au? Registrants of eligible .au domain names (such as and have until 20 September 2022 to indicate whether you

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Queensland Business Boost Grant

APPLICATIONS OPEN AT 9AM ON FRIDAY 30 JULY, 2021 The last Grant was closed just hours after it was released, so make sure you have all your documentation ready to hit SEND at 9am on Friday 30 July. The Queensland State Government has just announced the next opportunity as part of the Business Basics Grants

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$5000 Grant for QLD Small Business

The Queensland State Government has just announced the Business Basics Grants Program. What is it? The Business Basics grants program provides support to businesses to increase core skills and adopt best practice. The program is administered by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT). Who’s eligible? To be eligible for the grant, you must… have fewer

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How Secure is Your Website?

You may not realise it, but hosting your website on the internet is like building a house, then leaving all the windows and doors open all day, every day. It’s not really a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ someone will try to hack your website. While the hacker’s motives might be unclear, the damage

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