Blue Box Marketing

The Key to Social Media Success

Social Media is the highlights reel of our lives. It’s where we share a plethora of carefully selected and edited memories, memes and selfies. It’s where we make everyone think our lives are amazing, even if they’re not.

How do I know this?

Can you guess the most ‘checked-in’ place on social media? It’s not the hospital, the dentist, your kid’s school and it’s definitely not the cemetery.

The most ‘checked-in’ place on social media is… the airport. Why? Because it’s the perfect way to tell everyone that you’re going places, baby!

So how should your business appear in the newsfeed of your target audience? And how do you get them to share your content?

Organic reach on social media is a measly 2% nowadays, so how do you increase that? A little boost to your post will help but if you’re not hitting your audience with the right message, it’ll stop right there.

The key to social media success is to understand your social media audience. The content they choose to share needs to make them look knowledgeable/funny/caring/interesting. It needs to be relatable and totally shareworthy. A funny meme is nice, but will it make people visit your website?

Make poor quality content and you’ll pay for it in more ways than one. Facebook gives your content a ‘relevance score’ out of 10. That score dictates how much you’ll pay for your ads. Make relevant content and your cost is reduced. Make poor quality content and Facebook will make you pay for your mistake.

Don’t just post your newspaper ad. Social media is, well, social. So talk to your audience like you’re a trusted friend. Let them know you’re here to make them look good and before you know it, you’ll feature in their highlights reel.

99% of people will never return to your page again after ‘liking’ it. The only way they’ll see your content is if it shows up in their news feed. If they haven’t ‘liked’ or ‘shared’ a post from you in a while, you’ll simply disappear. So the message from Facebook is simple: Be relevant and you’ll be rewarded.